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Mouse design


Using sketches, the open source sculpting tools in Blender and red clay (waiting for daylight to take better photos) I came to a design with the desired aesthetics and fitted the required criteria.  This mouse design uses touch screen technology to easy the pain of repetitive strain injury reducing the need to press buttons and move fingers.

Audi pen case with white fabric

Audi Pen case white

Having bought V-Ray Masterclass by Erasmus Brosdau at www.eat3d.com some adjustments were made to the rendering of this piece.  The black fabric on the previous render made the whole images too dark and I finally mastered HRD lighting.  Rendered in Vray, modelling in Solidworks and 3ds Max and post processed in Photoshop.  Erasmus’ video tutorial is excellent and goes int much dept about mastering Vray.  It wasn’t possible to cover everything about the program, but the areas which I was previously finding difficulty such as artifacts and render time are covered well.

HR Giger Rip


Hans Ruedi Giger, the artist behind the Xenomorph and production art in Alien had died on 13th of May 2014 at the age of 74.  An industrial designer by trade, described by some as the best airbrush artist in the world of his era.  His great work lives on, hopefully for thousands of years to come.  RIP

giger work


HR Giger Interview on Alien

Audi A8 pen close ups touched up

audi pen details one
After touching up the renders of the Waldmann complementary pen for the Audi A8 and included a link to my blog and personal logo in the bottom right corner.  Just about ready to begin a behance page.  It’s getting exciting now and as always, feedback is welcome.  Lots happening in the coming months leading up to June.

The iDrink

online presence

In preparation for launching a behance website, I felt more work was needed besides the case bridging study and the end of year project.  A few years back, in Letterkenny IT I designed a portable personal draught beer dispenser.  Having looked back at the old work, I spent some hours trying to touch up the old renders before giving up and decided to rerender from scratch.  After spending some time reworking the iDrink logo and adjusting the tap lever dimensions, it was rendered out in photoview 360 and then touched up in Photoshop.  The two other rendered views are still being working on and will be posted at a later stage.

Below is the old render going back to 2008.  I always felt the rendering package that came with Solidworks back then didn’t do the work justice.  The above render is far more vibrant, visually interesting and realistic.  In the coming weeks and months, I intend to show some exploded views showing how the design works, in order to prove it’s not a superficial design.


Finalising Pen Case Shape

After building a model in 3dsmax, the shape still wasn’t quite there.  It was also awkward and time consuming moving around vertices in max, so instead the decision was made to export the file as an obj. and work on the shape in zbrush.  Once complete, the model was exported to max and a new model was built around it, which resulted in this:

I final case 3
J final case 4

H final case 2

The models were rendered in V-ray.  The program is so great I’ll never go back to using mentalray.  The next step is to build the actual case for including into the final year presentation in college

Pen case concepts

During this project, time was also allocated towards the research report which ended up being 13,000 words, concepts for the final year project, the final year exhibition work and the thesis 5,000 word draft.



B_concepts 1

C concepts 2
Using the Audi A8’s interior as a source of reference and inspiration, it was a good starting point for the first two concepts.



D concepts 3
Perhaps, it could be simplified, yet still aesthetically pleasing with an efficient use of the interior space.  The interior housing in concept three could be pull out from the leather covering.



E concepts 4
Going in an entirely different direction, inspired by the exterior forms of the A8, especially the hub caps lead to the collection of concepts in image four.



F concepts 5
In the fifth concept sheet, it was becoming closer to a final design.  The next step was to make some plasticine mock-up to evaluate how it would operate and look in the real world.