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Designer’s desktop WIP

screengrab wip1camera wip closeups

Created entirely in Blender, an open source 3d modeling package that is a joy to us.  The most detailed object is the camera with my Olympus Pen used as reference.  Looking forward to completing this piece and showing the world what I can do.  What I’ve yet to decide on is the lighting setup to go with.  The obvious choice is to use a window light source like a Vermeer painting, although a night time close up render with a depth of field would look interesting.  Why not both.

Bad News Wristwatch update

After taking a break to bolster other part of my portfolio and improve the website, I finally got time to finish off the Bad News watch.  Currently compositing the third image, before moving onto getting this design ready for Behance with the aim of being featured.



Triumph TR6R ‘Bad News’ wristwatch WIPs


In the process of designing a wristwatch based on a custom bike modification of the famous Triumph TR6R, the bike rode by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.  Below is a collage of images of the bike used for benchmarking and the two latest renders.  The modeling is almost complete and about to go ahead unwrap some of the meshes, begin texturing and applying shaders.



wristwatch WIP4


wristwatch WIP3