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Weather App Update

Application Running:

My first application made in Angular last year had a few bugs in it and the code quality required improving, so that’s what I’ve done and it’s now responsive. The http requests no longer rely on setTimeout and setInterval functions, but done properly using promises and async code.

Improvements made:

– Dead url for weather icon fixed
– Promises and elvis operator used in place of setInterval and setTimeout functions
– Site is responsive using media queries
– Temperature and Air pressure bug fixed
– Background images change every hour
– @Input and @Output event emitters used to pass data between components.
– Undefined data for 5th day dealt with using conditions
– The api source for the sunrise and sunset times comes from an unsecure source
– As of yet, I haven’t created any test cases in the spec files

With this only being a SPA, there was no need for features such as routing and lazy loading. No user login features, security, backend data, web scraping, data visualisation or instant messaging were included. The next application in developed will include such features.

Got a job

After a hard slog working at Retronix for 6 months in shift work, with any spare time I had spent improving my knowledge of programming, even spending breaks watching videos and coding.  Applying to one job after the other, getting rejections from places I even forgot I had applied to, going through the application process for one company after another, even taking time off work to attend interviews and assessments, going to interviews during times when I was sleep deprived due to being on nights, I eventually landed a job in software development, with GM. 

They are one of the biggest companies on the planet and I’ll be joining at a time when some exciting innovations are taking place not just with wireless technology, but with vehicles as a whole.  It’s a great opportunity and I hope it is the beginning of good things to come when it starts in a few months time.

Update on personal situation

As of this week I’m back in full time employment as a manufacturing technician.  With any spare time available I’m spending it wisely learning Angular in more depth, getting ready for future coding interviews with the ultimate aim of landing a position in software development.  I have the chance to show in this new job I’m someone who is reliable and can work in team.  It’s a good feeling knowing I’m contributing towards the nation rather than depending on welfare to survive.

Over the past month or so,  I’ve gotten 3 interviews and 2 other tests, it has felt like preparing for final exams and to ace the coding interviews takes some time.  I’m getting better with practice, uploading code regularly to github, watching video tutorials, predominantly on Youtube and Udemy, practising coding questions on Leetcode and freecodecamp, and finally, reading up to date programming books in physical form and on Kindle.  Working 12 hour shifts for 3 to 4 days will eat up much  time, but there is enough hours in the week to spend upskilling for that first software developer position.