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Mouse design


In order to gain an understanding of the ergonomics of the mouse design, to understand how the mouse will fell, to work out the scale and dimensions of the buttons some clay models were sculpted, be it quite rough.


To understand how to go about designing the mouse in CAD, firstly I studied existing designs.  The only difference being the touchscreen interface like that of tablets and mobile phones.


This may be superficial, but with the ergonomics sorted out and having decided upon a design, only then could I develop the inner workings.

Mouse design


Using sketches, the open source sculpting tools in Blender and red clay (waiting for daylight to take better photos) I came to a design with the desired aesthetics and fitted the required criteria.  This mouse design uses touch screen technology to easy the pain of repetitive strain injury reducing the need to press buttons and move fingers.

HR Giger Rip


Hans Ruedi Giger, the artist behind the Xenomorph and production art in Alien had died on 13th of May 2014 at the age of 74.  An industrial designer by trade, described by some as the best airbrush artist in the world of his era.  His great work lives on, hopefully for thousands of years to come.  RIP

giger work


HR Giger Interview on Alien

Finalising Pen Case Shape

After building a model in 3dsmax, the shape still wasn’t quite there.  It was also awkward and time consuming moving around vertices in max, so instead the decision was made to export the file as an obj. and work on the shape in zbrush.  Once complete, the model was exported to max and a new model was built around it, which resulted in this:

I final case 3
J final case 4

H final case 2

The models were rendered in V-ray.  The program is so great I’ll never go back to using mentalray.  The next step is to build the actual case for including into the final year presentation in college

Pen Case Mock-up

mock-up case

In order to work out in real world 3d the size and proportions of the case, a quick mock-up sculpt using plasticine was put together.  The initial idea was to include a button on one end of the model, but I decided against it as it upset the flow of the arcs and curves.  I felt it was good, but still not entirely happy about the design.  My gut felling was it was still lacking something.