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Mouse design


In order to gain an understanding of the ergonomics of the mouse design, to understand how the mouse will fell, to work out the scale and dimensions of the buttons some clay models were sculpted, be it quite rough.


To understand how to go about designing the mouse in CAD, firstly I studied existing designs.  The only difference being the touchscreen interface like that of tablets and mobile phones.


This may be superficial, but with the ergonomics sorted out and having decided upon a design, only then could I develop the inner workings.

Audi A8 pen case work in progress

case wip

Carved and sanded entirely out of balsa wood, then primer was added and some layers of glossy car paint.  It was a bit of a rushed job, we didn’t have much time to get all the work completed on time in the run up to the Christmas break.  Further WIP images to come in the future and all going well, a completed piece for the end of the course.