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Life drawing class

Having been kept busy completing the honours degree up until mid June, the opportunity finally came about to rejoin the weekly life drawing session on Dawson St. in Dublin.


As usually it began with ten poses lasting one minute each in order to warm up and loosen up the muscles in the arm.  Using a pen for a change to force myself to be more confident with my lines and less scratchy.  The results I’m happy with considering it’s been seven or eight months since my last class.

One minute poses 26062014

After the warm up sketches there was one pose with three 30 minute sessions.  My first attempt wasn’t so great, but below at the two other 30 minute sketches.  The model arrived with her body painted, which was interesting but made her slightly more difficult to draw and she moved a little, which is always expected.  It was enjoyable nonetheless.

30 minute full figure 2606201430 minute face 26062014



Some of the other members’ work can be viewed below.  At the end of the session, most people place their work in the center on the floor so we can all view it.  As can be seen, there is an abundance of colour and what appears to be a confident use of line by many.  My line work has a tendency to be too thick and aggressive, but it’s a way of drawing which suits me best for getting the image down on paper accurately and rapidly.  In the next visit, it would be worthwhile attempting to use various colours and varieties of paper.

back sepia 26062014  subtle shading 26062014IMG_20140626_212540

collection 26062014