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WW2 Photo

ww2 relative
Something other than portfolio work for a change.  Looking through boxes filled with letters and old photographs, this was found.  We thought we’d found all the old photos of long lost ancestors and relatives.  I’ve no idea who he is or his job in WW2.  My guess is he was either my grandfather’s uncle or cousin and surely, his surname was Connolly going by the initials, DC.  In April 1945, the Nazi regime was collapsing and the Allies were charging into Germany when this photo was taken, with the VE only weeks away.

On the back is written:
“In a German Dugout near the Rhine River, Germany,
April 1945.”

Sometimes it’s healthy to look back at the challenges others met, to put into perspective the sacrifices others made so that we can be free.  So the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, spare a thought for the people who died fighting Fascism and toppled despotic regimes around the world and further more, those who are still fighting those evils today so we can live well.  Freedom comes at a price, isn’t guaranteed and should never be taken for granted.