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Weather App

First Angular Core App after many months learning the framework in depth. This is a weather app, powered by two APIs, for the sunrise and sunset data, and for the rest of the weather information, .

While it lacks the need for tokens, routes and guards, I still got to learn how to deal about asynchronous code and in the future plan to learn more about RXJS. I learned how to use services, inheritance, directives, some more experience dealing with CSS/SCSS, JS/TypeScript and HTML. It is the first piece of software I’ve written where I mixed Bootstrap, SVGs, SCSS, plain CSS, flexbox and CSS Grid together. Once you get the hang of Angular, it is a powerful framework and if you have knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript and better still an OOP oriented language like Java it becomes easy.

In the screenshot, it may not be obvious, but in the top right corner there are toggle buttons that flip between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and kilometers and miles.

I’m calling it done for now, but there is still a few more features I wish to include, those being the background image and colour scheme changing to suit it based on a timer, using cookings to store timestamps.  The code can be viewed and pulled from .  Feel free to fork and enhance it if you wish.



Bootstrap Udemy Course

Here’s an incentive to fully go through Udemy courses from end to end in the future.  With my website, I wrote it mostly in plain old JavaScript and a lot of CSS.  After learning Bootstrap in some depth, I now know there is a better approach to creating such features as modals, responsive layouts to suit different screen sizes and how to implement SCSS with Bootstrap, to name but a few as they say.  The goal is to get through the following three night shifts that are 12 hours without any errors and then focus on reworking the portfolio website before finally returning to Angular and focusing on learning it inside out on the four days off.

Progress Update

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had two interviews and although I didn’t get either jobs, it is encouraging when one considers I had no programming experience prior to this time last year.  Even with first class honours, the knowledge gained from the HDip in Computer Science course have given a solid foundation to progressive from and it is clear, employers want people with more skills than I have on display on github.

Some time has been put into reworking the website, however after following an advanced CSS and SASS I’m putting it on hold until I know how to create CSS code that is of a modern professional standard.

As for frontend frameworks, it has been recommended to me to learn at least one.  Before attending the Angular MeetUp in Dublin, I was unsure whether to focus my time and energy on learning React, because of React Native and the virtual DOM or to focus on Angular.  With Angular being a full framework, with support from Microsoft and Google, I have chosen the latter.  From what I’m told by professions, anyone with 2 years professional experience with Angular are high in demand.

Angular Meetup Dublin

I bought two books on Angular, Angular in Action by Jeremy Wilkins and Angular, From Theory to Practice by Asim Hussain.  Along with that, I bought four different video tutorials on MEAN stack and Angular.  Right now, I think I’m close to being able to write simple applications using Angular and getting to grips with SASS.  The next application I write has to written with modern code.

On one interview, a part of the feedback given was to practice algorithms.  There is no avoiding it, even though I prefer learning how to make great products.  White board interviews also need to be practiced and some friends from the Maynooth HDip course have expressed interest in practicing with me, replicating interview conditions as closely as possible.

Udemy courses

There is no shortage of material online to learn from and with the course no including internships, I have the gap between intern level to graduate, or at least what potential employers perceive that to be.  The fantastic thing about this industry is the lack of barriers to creating a product and marketing it to the world for anyone with the skills and work ethic.