Monthly Archives: November 2018

Udemy 100 Algorithm Challenge

Another Udemy course completed in full and I’ve been solving many of them the past few days.  The code can be found at .  Without a doubt, it has made a different to my coding ability in JavaScript, along with TypeScript.  Next step is to fix up my website, it isn’t working so well for mobile, but Bootstrap will help resolve that problem.

Bootstrap Udemy Course

Here’s an incentive to fully go through Udemy courses from end to end in the future.  With my website, I wrote it mostly in plain old JavaScript and a lot of CSS.  After learning Bootstrap in some depth, I now know there is a better approach to creating such features as modals, responsive layouts to suit different screen sizes and how to implement SCSS with Bootstrap, to name but a few as they say.  The goal is to get through the following three night shifts that are 12 hours without any errors and then focus on reworking the portfolio website before finally returning to Angular and focusing on learning it inside out on the four days off.