Monthly Archives: January 2019

Weather App

First Angular Core App after many months learning the framework in depth. This is a weather app, powered by two APIs, for the sunrise and sunset data, and for the rest of the weather information, .

While it lacks the need for tokens, routes and guards, I still got to learn how to deal about asynchronous code and in the future plan to learn more about RXJS. I learned how to use services, inheritance, directives, some more experience dealing with CSS/SCSS, JS/TypeScript and HTML. It is the first piece of software I’ve written where I mixed Bootstrap, SVGs, SCSS, plain CSS, flexbox and CSS Grid together. Once you get the hang of Angular, it is a powerful framework and if you have knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript and better still an OOP oriented language like Java it becomes easy.

In the screenshot, it may not be obvious, but in the top right corner there are toggle buttons that flip between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and kilometers and miles.

I’m calling it done for now, but there is still a few more features I wish to include, those being the background image and colour scheme changing to suit it based on a timer, using cookings to store timestamps.  The code can be viewed and pulled from .  Feel free to fork and enhance it if you wish.