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Sioux Watch

Sioux watch frontSioux watch one

With the improvement of shaders appearing for Blender Cycles and the previous Vray renders of the “Bad News” watch I was never fully happy with.  Now it has a proper looking black leather strap and a branding other than “Bad News”.  When first inspired by Indian Motorcycles, I came up with the brand name of Sioux.  The Sioux were a native American tribe known for their eagle feather head gear and for being great warriors.  The letting in the logo is designed to look like the Sioux clothing design patterns.


Sioux watch closeup 2 med Sioux watch closeup medSioux watch behind med Sioux watch top med

Football boots – Templar épée

Templar Epee

I took a break from arch viz work and went back to complete this piece.  The aim is to get together the sketches, exploded view and final render for Behance with the ultimate aim of gaining employment in product design and/or visualisation.  There is some branding to this as well, with the name Templar épée inspired by Frances Norman period.  The football boot design is inspired by Euro 2016 and Franco culture.  More details to come soon.