Monthly Archives: March 2016

Waldmann pen re-render

render allmain render 3tifwireframemain render 3tif3


The original renders in Solidworks I wasn’t happy with and in all honesty, didn’t do my design justice.  This time with pro-light studio in Blender, rendered with Cycles I spent considerable time cleaning up the imported CAD files and adding piece to complement the presentation, adding to the user experience I’ve finally got a piece I’m proud of.  In the future I’d expect it to look not so good as I learn and technology advances.

Pro lighting studio

render1 render2

At , Andrew Price had released yet another quality addon for Blender, Pro-Lighting Studio.  I’m using it to rerender my older work, because it’s annoying me looking at the flaws and it isn’t helping me get a job either.  The renders above show show the yet to be completed footwear design, still need to include the brand and put together a presentation to showcase on my website and behance.

Business Cards

business card 2016

The Research and Innovation Conference and Exhibition 2016 takes place Thursday in Croke Park.  There will be several product design companies there and companies in related areas.  It’s a good opportunity to meet businesses and get my name out there.  While the internet is a great way to gain exposure and showcase what an individual or organisation is about, nothing beats face to face communications.  Presentation with memorable positive first impressions are vital.  Rather than writing down contact details on a scrappy piece of paper, at all times I recommend a business card.