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Sci-Fi_Corridor28062013 Sci-Fi_Corridor28062013B Sci-Fi_Corridor28062013C Sci-Fi_Corridor28062013D

Update on the Sci-Fi corridor.  Still a bit messy, but it’ll all come together once finished.  Still need details in place.  Any suggestions, comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated.

Sci-Fi Corridor Update


Haven’t had the opportunity to add to this scene as much ase liked due to other obligations.  However, to be honest, personally quite pleased with how it is turning out so far.  Should look amazing in UDK with particle effects and animated textures, detailed shaders, decals, lighting etc.

Too much of the portfolio is made up of art tests and the quality on display needs to be far better.

After spending the past five days working flat out on an art test and before that decided to give the treehouse scene a break, as the portfolio is in drastic need of something sci fi.  Here’s the progress so far.  Unfortunately, unable to show the art test final screenshots or divulge any information about it.


Badly need some constructive criticism on this piece.  Ok, so they bark needs more detailing, there needs to be more branches and leaves.  What else is it lacking?