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Waldmann pen re-render

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The original renders in Solidworks I wasn’t happy with and in all honesty, didn’t do my design justice.  This time with pro-light studio in Blender, rendered with Cycles I spent considerable time cleaning up the imported CAD files and adding piece to complement the presentation, adding to the user experience I’ve finally got a piece I’m proud of.  In the future I’d expect it to look not so good as I learn and technology advances.

Audi pen case with white fabric

Audi Pen case white

Having bought V-Ray Masterclass by Erasmus Brosdau at www.eat3d.com some adjustments were made to the rendering of this piece.  The black fabric on the previous render made the whole images too dark and I finally mastered HRD lighting.  Rendered in Vray, modelling in Solidworks and 3ds Max and post processed in Photoshop.  Erasmus’ video tutorial is excellent and goes int much dept about mastering Vray.  It wasn’t possible to cover everything about the program, but the areas which I was previously finding difficulty such as artifacts and render time are covered well.

Audi A8 pen close ups touched up

audi pen details one
After touching up the renders of the Waldmann complementary pen for the Audi A8 and included a link to my blog and personal logo in the bottom right corner.  Just about ready to begin a behance page.  It’s getting exciting now and as always, feedback is welcome.  Lots happening in the coming months leading up to June.

Waldmann Audi A8 complementary pen final

Final model Model details
After many years away from Solidworks, it took a bit of time to re-learn what was forgotten.  The 2012 version is practically identical to the 2007 version I last used.  Rendered in Photoview 360 and overall, it was a pleasurable learning experience.  The next step was to focus on designing a case.