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Mouse Update and Roman Coin Display

I have collected a few Roman coins over the years and always wanted to show them off.  Now with a 3d printer I can do just that.  A couple of the components are 3d printed and in the next couple of days the rest will be printed out.  With some Z-poxy brushwork, sanding and spray painting it will look like it came right out of an injection moulding.

An update on the mouse design, it still hasn’t a name.  The trickiest parts have been figures out more or less, that being how the touchscreen and buttons will function.  The six side buttons are return to the their original position using springs, although I had considered using rubbery plastic like that used for console control buttons.  How the parts will fit together is a choice between using snap fittings and screws.  Finally, when it is close to completion, some ribbing may be required to counteract shrinkage with the material of choice being either PLA or ABS.  Ideally, if this ever goes to production I would want to use PLA.  The material is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable coming from sustainable sources, that being starch.  From my experience of using PLAs, not only with 3d printing the warping is less of an issue and PLA last forever as long as it is kept away from outdoor elements.