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Biopodz update

bio2016 Got to finally create visuals of the redesigned Biopodz where it is now less expensive to manufacture, designed for injection molding and uses snap fittings.  The main render isn’t as nice as the original Biopodz render, I should really go and rework it using some sub surface scattering and translucency to add realism.

calendar2 More time was spent on the calendar which is aimed at teaching children about the seasons, how crop rotation works and when to sow and harvest plants.

The new design has less components, uses less polymers, has a 2mm even wall thickness, uses snap fittings, designed for injection molding and the pots are slightly smaller while still having a wall thickness of 1.5mm.

My arch viz portfolio is lacking and for that reason I went to the bother of modelling an entire primary school environment.

Showing the components laid out on tables as before to give an idea how all the CAD models look.

End of year project

Biopodz main render

This was the result of the end of year project in product design.  In the coming days and weeks more information will be posted about how the product works, research findings, manufactured, material choices, content, rationales, hypothesis and so on.

Having attended PDI Yr 4 Honours Degree in Product Design in Carlow IT, it was a hectic year, a steep learning curve, a combination between being stressed, excited and driven to reach the finish line.  On reflection, ideally I would have liked to have had more time to get the know the classmates some more and socialised on nights.  There was so much work involved, not everything was completed, but ended up achieving a 2:1. All those hours paid off, working from morning to night, it was enjoyable too.

The course lasted nine months and I viewed it as a wonderful opportunity to gain an Honours Degree and go on to get a good job, be it in product, industrial, graphics, games, arch-viz, research or where ever.  The skills learned are transferable into many fields and a great deal was learnt in this course, most importantly in my eyes a change in philosophy towards the merits of primary research.

The website is currently being redesigned with new product design content at www.kelly3d.com