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Audi pen case with white fabric

Audi Pen case white

Having bought V-Ray Masterclass by Erasmus Brosdau at www.eat3d.com some adjustments were made to the rendering of this piece.  The black fabric on the previous render made the whole images too dark and I finally mastered HRD lighting.  Rendered in Vray, modelling in Solidworks and 3ds Max and post processed in Photoshop.  Erasmus’ video tutorial is excellent and goes int much dept about mastering Vray.  It wasn’t possible to cover everything about the program, but the areas which I was previously finding difficulty such as artifacts and render time are covered well.

Audi A8 pen case work in progress

case wip

Carved and sanded entirely out of balsa wood, then primer was added and some layers of glossy car paint.  It was a bit of a rushed job, we didn’t have much time to get all the work completed on time in the run up to the Christmas break.  Further WIP images to come in the future and all going well, a completed piece for the end of the course.

Pen Case Mock-up

mock-up case

In order to work out in real world 3d the size and proportions of the case, a quick mock-up sculpt using plasticine was put together.  The initial idea was to include a button on one end of the model, but I decided against it as it upset the flow of the arcs and curves.  I felt it was good, but still not entirely happy about the design.  My gut felling was it was still lacking something.

Pen case concepts

During this project, time was also allocated towards the research report which ended up being 13,000 words, concepts for the final year project, the final year exhibition work and the thesis 5,000 word draft.



B_concepts 1

C concepts 2
Using the Audi A8’s interior as a source of reference and inspiration, it was a good starting point for the first two concepts.



D concepts 3
Perhaps, it could be simplified, yet still aesthetically pleasing with an efficient use of the interior space.  The interior housing in concept three could be pull out from the leather covering.



E concepts 4
Going in an entirely different direction, inspired by the exterior forms of the A8, especially the hub caps lead to the collection of concepts in image four.



F concepts 5
In the fifth concept sheet, it was becoming closer to a final design.  The next step was to make some plasticine mock-up to evaluate how it would operate and look in the real world.