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× Cosmet for cosmetic products
× CS230 Assignment 1 2d Array DOM manipulation CS230 Assignment 2 DOM manipulation and use of cookies CS230 Assignment 3 PHP CRUD using a LAMP stack
× Digital environment artwork in 3d Digital environment artwork in 3d Digital and pumpkin sculptures Digital 2d paintings and artwork Personally photography Life drawing
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Hello. From a young age, for fun I always enjoyed building things. It was no different when I made my first game on SEUCK aged 11 and with REALITY when I was 15 back in the Amiga days. In 2000, I spent a year in animation school, it helped with my drawing skills, but I never had much love for cartoons. In 2003, I completed a multimedia certificate and was involved in developing Kingdom Wars. After some time working and living abroad in Australia, in 2005 I returned to college to gain a level 7 degree in product design. When graduating in 2008 the worst global economic collapse in decades hit. This meant job prospects were few and far between. For the next few years I spent it improving my modelling and texturing skills and spent some time involved in indie development teams.

In 2012, my skills had improved to a level where I was getting art tests with AAA game development studios and by August 2013 I was hired to work in a New York based Arch Viz company. However, in that same month I was offered a place in a 4th year level 8 product design course and by June 2014 I left with a 2:1 grade. I would have loved a 1:1, but it was difficult when coming into a course that's curriculum was somewhat different to the 3 years I had spend in LYIT. In March 2015, I got my first role as a designer at MSI signs that lasted 10 months, they fell on hard time and not long after stopped trading, which was a shame and I enjoyed my time there. In May 2016, I spent some time at Carlow graphics and got to work on displays for Dyson along with the chance to work on several small projects. The nature of the signage industry, the work dried up after I completed the Dyson displays and they let me go. I was asked to work for them again the following summer, but by then I was learning to code. In those few years, I spent it getting better at 3d rendering and modelling, mostly in Blender and tried to get hired in the arch viz industry or as a product designer. I also bought a 3d printer and used it print out prototypes of various product designs, for example a computer mouse I designed.

In August 2017, after making the long drive to Kerry and spending the night there for a job interview for a product design job, not getting it after an hour long interview I decided to take a new route. That being, I made the decision at 34 to learn how to program and one year on I'm glad I did. The opportunities in Ireland alone exist and for hard work there is a payoff. When trying to get into the games industry as an environment artist and then get hired as a product designer, I struggled not to feel down by the lack of opportunities. I now ask myself, why didn't I learn to program earlier in my life? Since graduating with a 1:1, I've already had two interviews and have something tangible to aim for, life would have been easier if I had chosen to work as a software developer years ago.

With all the skills acquired over the years, I now feel I can make just about anything given the time and resources. For the future, the aim is to keep on coding, practicing algorithms, learn more about javascript, learn Angular in more depth, make some products in my free time and ultimately, become successful. With skills in product design, graphics, now programming and the economy doing very well overall what's to stop me?

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Sharp Wave audio player
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× Epee soccer boots
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An application containing information on new cosmetic products and the expiry date of current products owned by the user.



An Android audio playing application with a UI intended help navigate long audio tracks.


CS230 Assignments

Some of the assignments given for CS230 in Maynooth University. Includes DOM manipulation, CRUD operations, LAMP stack, REST API, Cookies, Local Storage and AJAX.



A teaching aid for primary school children aged between 7 and 10, with the aim of providing a positive association to growing and eating food.


Hi-Tik Mouse

A computer mouse designed to help alleviate joint pain and repetitive strain injury though ergonomics and touch screen technology


Product Design Thesis

A thesis proposing alternative sustainable and environmentally friendier materials that have superior properties than what we currently use in mass.


Bad News Watch

Using a custom built Indian bike as a theme, titled Bad News this wrist watch design matches the bike's shape and styling.


Templar Epee

A soccer boot design commerating Euro2016 held in France with a design pattern aimed at confusing a player's movement for the opposition


Audi/Waldmann pen

A complementary Waldmann pen for the purchase of an Audi A8


MSI Signs

A collection of the work and designs created at my time at MSI Signs


Architectural Visualisation

Some architectural visualisation renders of interiors and exteriors



A portable draught beer dispenser using a peltier device